• Executive Close Protection
• Oil and Gas Security
• Investigation
• Risk Assessment
• Technical Surveillance
• Maritime Security
• Drug and Mine Dogs  K9
• Training Academy
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Falcon Protection Management is a German company with a proposed
corporation world wide providing a wide range of very specialized
security & protection services on an emergency, standby or contract
basis. We are specialised in international security and counter
terrorism role. Each of our employees have between
eight to ten years of experience in the field of security and close protection.
Each being selected for their considerable individual expertise and experience.
Establishing the company in this way has enabled us to bring
together the correctly motivated personnel with the necessary 
experience and knowledge. This also allows us to create the right kind of logistics and
support infrastructure for the company to successfully contend in an ever changing
world market.
These were the first considerations to be addressed when
forming the company, bringing that expertise and experience to
the forefront of the world market, for it is our clients, the
customers, on whom we ultimately depend. In short we can create an
atmosphere where business can thrive and prosper.

While on the one hand a certain amount of standardisation was
implemented in the areas of documentation, training, and logistical
support to maximise efficiency, and on the other hand each member
within the company has the freedom to work within the parameters and develop their
own area of expertise in line with it's assigned specialist tasks
based on it's own specialist field. (Close Protection, Hostage
Release, Military Skills, Intelligence, etc). In this way, each employee has
the freedom and independence to research and develop their own
specialist field while at the same time being part of a strong
cohesive company.

We operate on a global capacity and can respond to a pending or
immediate crisis situation with the expertise and resources
necessary to resolve any situation. Falcon Protection Management
(DIWS Germany)  is a company with expertise covering all aspects of:

• Executive Close Protection
• Oil and Gas Security
• Investigation
• Risk Assessment
• Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
• Maritime Security
• Drug and Mine Dogs  K9
• Training Academy -  We teach your guards for your country-
• Airport Arial Protection

Falcon Protection Management (DIWS Germany) was established and
developed by Dirk Adler. He is responsible for Logistic.
He was trained by the German police and started close protection
1995. Four years close protection in Sarajevo , client status –
trade level high-.. Head of Security for all Stores and Events from Louis Vuitton
Germany from 2000-2005. He instructed in the followuing courses:
 International Close protection training, Protection
driving safety training, Shotgun and long riffle training, Security
and weapon training, Shooting and defence training, 6 weeks training
with German KFOR and SFOR in Army skills, leading troops, hostage
coordination, weapons training from airborne troops, battle
coordination and convoy driving in mission. Mr. Adler is coach for
Close protection and all other Security and Close protection

Falcon Protection Management (DIWS Germany) has a very professional
and dedicated security management team, providing global proactive
advice 24 hours a day. And distinguishes it self by recruiting
highly motivated and professional agents, drawn from various
government and Special Forces. These agents have a wealth of
exceptional military and commercial operational experience worldwide
and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex